Combined aerobar bottle holder and Garmin mount

Got busy with the aluminium strip again last night and knocked up a bit of bracketry to take a bottle cage and a Garmin mount. You can buy them, but I have a few issues with them:

  1. The Garmin mount is often to the rear bottle so impossible to see
  2. If it’s in front of the bottle, the bottle still tends to be in the way.
  3. £££££££ Damn, they’re pricey

Didn’t bother with a huge set of photos of it ‘under construction’ as quite frankly, it’s simple enough to make.

Cut a small bit of plastic away on the Garmin mount so it slots nicely on to the alu strip.. 


The finished bracket. It looks pretty industrial, but it weighs 90g (excluding the cage). Difficult to see, but I cut a small notch on the left hand side and put a small cable tie around it to stop the Garmin sliding off


Installed on the bars with some honking great big cable ties and some sticky back neoprene between bracket and bars.


Garmin nicely visible in front of bottle:



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