WW50 Recce Notes


It’s VERY well marked and marshalled on the day, I only got lost once and that was because some spectators who were previously pointing the route had vanished! You will be fine on the race but for a recce it’s easy to end up back at the car park after 5 mins!

  1. You’ll be running down a stony path and the turning to the left is literally a scramble up a dirt bank, very easy to miss. Once about 10m beyond, you’ll see the path to the right.
  2. Garmins seem to get confused here as the GPX overlaps and you miss the loop. Basically at the junction turn right both times.
  3. Easy to miss these steps as you’re following a ditch and looking at your feet. Especially in November with the tree roots under the leaves. You leave the woods and go up around the field. The descent down by the powerline is probably the steepest down.
  4. Weird sort of climbing through a ditch, it’s slippy as f**k, careful.
  5. This is where the aid station is on the day, you get to it at the end of the loop that looks like a witches head, so first time you just get to wave at people.
  6. This is by FAR the best running you’ll have all day. Feels like you’re bloody Mo Farah.
  7. My reaction here was “Really? This can’t be right? Surely?”. It is.

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