Reducing operator stress – Answer Phrase


Our call agents have a pretty hard job. They answer around 300 calls per shift, and probably 50% of those calls are for unique clients. It’s not the same as say a call centre for Barclays where you answer the phone in the same way every time. Most of the time, they’ll have to answer the phone with a different greeting every time.

95% of our clients have a standard greeting of ‘Good [timeofday][company], how can I help you?’ so the operators have that down pretty well. The only snag is, since the client can change the greeting themselves, our operators are forced to read to whole answer phrase each time as they don’t know if it’s the standard greeting or not.

A few lines of Regex.Replace code and a bit of CSS styling, and we have a nice little mod. Instead of the whole greeting being in bold red text, if it’s the standard “Good morning [companyname], how can I help you?” then we lowlight (yes that’s a word!) the ‘standard’ parts.


Look how much easier that is on the eye and how much quicker your brain can do the mental ‘replace’.

This should hopefully reduce the mental weight on the operator in that first half second of the call, allowing them to give a more natural greeting.

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