Every guy needs a picture of a rocketship on his wall.


Quite timely this, what with the Shuttle Launch the other day. I bought a picture when visiting Kennedy Space Centre last year, but only just got round to putting it up.



It’s been there for a week now and it’s doing a great job of inspiring me. Every time I catch a glimpse of it, I’m reminded that:

  • With enough time, money and will power you can do pretty much anything within the boundaries of physics.
  • The Shuttle is huge and complicated, but you can break it down into lots of small easy problems. When designing the launch system, they didn’t have to think about how to get the loading bay doors to open.
  • Even something as insanely powerful as a rocket takes time to build momentum. On the left is T+1, then T+2, T+4, T+6, T+8 and T+9. It moves more from T+8- to T+9 than it does in the first 6 seconds. Nearly every project works in the same way.

What do you see every day that inspires you? If there’s nothing, then maybe there ought to be!

3 thoughts on “Every guy needs a picture of a rocketship on his wall.

  1. Brilliant pic, I might have to order a copy. I don’t recall a gift shop when I was there, otherwise the plastic would have taken a hit! I like your musings too.

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